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The late H. R. Moore, well known among Black and Tan men, was a Black and Tan charter member and very dedicated in service to the association. He served as secretary for approximately fifteen years. He could be found at the hunts with his cigar box under his arm ready to take memberships. Some of the older members say he did more to obtain members than any other person in the association. At one time, Mr. Moore did triple duty, he wrote for Full Cry, The Cooner, and served as secretary of the association. In fifteen years that he wrote for The Cooner, he very seldom mentioned his dogs or achievments.

Mr. Moore hunted the Wagner strain of dogs. Frequently he could be found on Friday nights at Murfreesboro, Tennessee hunting with Jake Thomas, William Fox, and Mr. Johnson or at Cartage with J. B. Kemp. Among many local hunting friends were Aaron Hunter, James Mansell, Vernon Daniel, Stewart Waldren, and many others across the country. All of these men enjoyed listening to the music of the following wellknown dogs: Tiny, Gale Storm, Sun Smoke, Prince, Cyclone, and the one and only Black Bud purchased from Jake Thomas.

Mr. Moore served the Black and Tan association well and also spread the fame of the Black and Tan breed. He served his country four years in the Navy and worked the railroad a number of years.

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