Old Hunting Memories Of Years Past

By John Vaught

How many of you hunters have used a kerosene lantern for light while walking to hunt ? How many can remember the smell of this type of light, and the use of a two cell flash light being used to shine a tree to find possum or coon or maybe even a house cat?

If not you just might have lost out on the true meaning of a real hunt.

In my later years as a youngster we moved up to a carbide light these lights were a trick for finding a coon as the coon would look directly at this dim light. If all else failed there was an option to climb the tree. I myself wasn't much at climbing, but hunted with two friends that no doubt were the best. The smell of a kerosene lantern was a most comfortable feeling to me as a youngster, and all the memories of such a light brings tears to my eyes of missing my Daddy as well as joy to my heart to have these fond memories of the hunts with him as a child.

Have you ever sat by a corn field in the late fall waiting for a dog to strike while listenning to wind blow those corn stalks making them rattle such a beautiful sound? Have you ever stopped at a neighbors spring for a drink of cool spring water, and find that maxwell, Jfg, coffee can there to drink out of ? Have you ever made it to a barn during a storm to find anything any more relaxing than listening to the rain falling on a tin roof making you sleepy, and then maybe to lay down in the hay while the storm passes?

All these memories are a part of my growing up in Pulaski County Kentucky with a loving home provived by my Mother, and Daddy. Hell yes we were poor, but we had love, and respect, and we were clean, and had plenty to eat, but not without work we as children had lots of things to do.

Times have truly changed since way back then more modern no doubt, more educated no doubt, however I do believe the respect, and love of the parents has somehow faded as time has passed.


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